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Diabetes canada 2021 research competition, Look Out 2020+ Industry Trends

  • Budapest Nephrology School — 23rd Budapest Nephrology School
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  • Budapest Nephrology School — 23rd Budapest Nephrology School
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The Budget for next year was discussed and corrected. Lion Roger will make the adjustments and bring back for Club approval on July 24th. Transfer Member Andrea Lee was welcomed to the meeting. Tailtwister Lance Hudson did his thing.

Final Program MPS 2021 V.0.xlsm

Jay Rosenberger was asking for suggestions for upcoming speakers at future meetings. PDG Dennis Crabtree gave a report on stamps sent and pop can tabs delivered.

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Meeting Adjourned PM. This photo shows one that she made for a relatives baby in Germany. Isn't it beautiful. The Coleman award is one of the highest awards a Lion can receive.

Germund Hesslow

Congratulations Polly and Dale. We really appreciate your service to the Altoona Lions Club and the Altoona community.

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There were about 20 there. The following picture show the assembly line and others doing various tasks. This photo shows Don Townsend feeding the papers down the line, Larry Lourens adding glue, and Diabetes canada 2021 research competition Rosenberger getting the picture frame backs ready to go down the line. Working the line from the far end.

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This is a great project and the Lions support it by serving them burgers, hotdogs, drinks, and chips at Thomas Mitchell Park. The day starts about 8am. Several ALtoona Lions were there that early to get things ready for the students.

What are the digital dilemmas your business will face in the coming years?

Shown in this photo is Kit McDowall and Herb Phillips, separating the frozen burgers to get them ready to cook. Sorry, but our system insists on putting 2 photos in this one.

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Diabetes canada 2021 research competition ignore the second photo. Once again our system insists on putting 2 photos instead of 1. In this photo, Don Townsend conducts a deltail breifing with Roger Mahnke of the plan for the day.

As his bus loading was announced, Josh Bristow started to to the bus, but then came back into the Shelter area and thanked some of our Lions for the lunch.

Hearst-kastély - álomból valóság

There were many others who expressed thanks as they were being served. But this young man made the special effort to specifically speak to us. We commend him for that extra effort. Please pass this picture on to him for his Senior Year Memories.

Diabetes: New drug targets for Type 1 and Type 2

He is carefully guarding the table as you can see. We had great attendance at this meeting.

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There were 26 present. He also handed several nice brochures about fraud and what to do about it. Herb Philips seconded club approved. There will be stipulations attached as well as expectations to follow.

Institute of Chemistry

All three will be coming dues paying members and good helpers going forward. Dennis Crabtree delivered pop tabs to Ronald McDonald House please continue bringing the as well as postage stamps.

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Meeting adjourned