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Views: Transcription 1 PhD thesis Investigations of additional cardio-metabolic biomarkers in patients with different BMI categories and kidney function Dr.

Komoly, Sámuel MD. Head of the doctoral program: Supervisors: Prof.

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Kovács, L. Gábor Prof. Gábor Dr. Bajnok, László MD. However, PON1 activity is reduced in both diabetes mellitus and kidney failure. Altered levels adipokines, e.

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Adiponectin correlates positively and independently from other factors with PON1 activity, while negatively with C-reactive protein CRP and malonyldialdehyde MDA suggesting a role in the alleviation of oxidative stress. Soluble E-selectin as a marker of endothelium inflammation shows a direct association with IR. Furthermore, although adiponectin level is elevated in kidney failure, its role is controversial in this patient population. By some investigations, its level seems to be directly related to the risk of the cardiovascular events according to a paradoxical role of adiponectin in chronic renal diseases that may contribute to the explanation of a reverse epidemiology.

Aims of the present work To investigate of the role of adipokines in modifying metabolic syndrome, serum PON1 activity, endothelium activation, and increased oxidative stress in two patient-groups, in i kidney failure and ii those with preserved kidney function but having various degrees of obesity. Among others, anthropometric parameters, systolic and diastolic blood pressures were measured diabetes obesity and metabolism impact factor the IR index calculation was based on homeostasis model assessment HOMA-IR.

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Results 1. Multiple regression analyses showed that not only BMI and HOMA-IR were independent negative predictors of serum adiponectin level, but also the albumin level that is a marker of nutrition. Among the oxidative stress markers only the GSH showed significant correlations with analyzed parameters.

As expected, there was a positive association with HDL-C, while negative ones with both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. We found no significant difference between sexes in respect of serum levels of resistin. Discussion 1. Hemodialysed patients We have demonstrated that in kidney failure, in contrast to normal renal function, higher adiponectin levels have no correlation with PON1 activity or the se-selectin level.

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However, adiponectin shows associations with dialysis efficiency, and similar to individuals with preserved kidney function, traits of metabolic syndrome. Collectively, these findings may add details to the understanding of the role that adiponectin plays in the chronic renal disease related to reverse epidemiology.

Individuals with preserved kidney function In diabetes obesity and metabolism impact factor current concept of metabolic syndrome the adipose tissue secreted products, adipokines and NEFA play pivotal roles.


We tested the association of insulin resistance to levels of these humoral factors, in addition to basic anthropometric characteristics. In univariate analyses insulin resistance was correlated positively with obesity, levels of serum NEFA, leptin, IL-6 and TNF-α, while negatively with adiponectin serum concentration, with no significant association to resistin. In a combined multivariate model, we also tested the influence of other adipokines on HOMA-IR as a dependent variable.

The investigated parameters on the whole explained only a minor part of the variance of insulin resistance showing that other factors also play pivotal roles in the determination of its degree. Interestingly, we found discrepant associations between IL-6 and HOMA-IR during the uni- and multivariate analyses: positive one during the univariate, while in multivariate tests, depending on whether in the model beside of basic anthropometric characteristics NEFA and other adipokines were also included either negative one, or neutral.

IL-6 release from adipose tissue results in a proinflammatory state leading to insulin resistance, while, diabetes obesity and metabolism impact factor the other hand, IL-6 5 6 produced by working muscles could enhance glucose disposal, lipolysis and fat oxidation.

Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspectives for COVID‑19 (Review)

Among our study subjects with a broad range of BMI, we obtained negative association between serum levels of resistin and, besides insulin resistance, diabetes obesity and metabolism impact factor other features of metabolic syndrome, such as BMI, waist circumference, serum levels of HbA 1C, leptin, non-esterified fatty acid and MDA, and systolic BP.

Although these correlations were not too strong, except the one with the MDA, on the whole were concordant. Individuals with normal renal function, adiponectin has a positive and independent correlation with the HDL-associated antioxidant enzyme paraoxonase 1 PON1yet an inverse relationship with se-selectin, a marker of inflammatory activation of the endothelium.

We also investigated the possible association of serum levels of resistin with activity of the PON1. They showed a positive univariate correlation. However, when we tested if the association between resistin and PON1 was independent of anthropometric and other parameters in multiple regression analysis, resistin was not an independent predictor of PON1.

Actually, during this multivariate analyses only the negative correlation between PON1 and lipid peroxidation e.

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Alacsony vércukorszint tünetei kutyáknál finding that some parameters of metabolic syndrome, e. The fact that fasting plasma glucose was not related to serum levels of resistin may be due to the fact that HbA 1C reflects the long-term glycemic burden.

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In agreement with the majority of previous work, there was no relationship between resistin and LDL-C a cukorbetegség napraforgómag kezelése. To the best of our knowledge, we investigated first a possible relationship between adiponectin with PON1 and se-selectin in kidney failure.

However, we found no correlation among PON1 activity, se-selectin and adiponectin levels in this patient s group. Moreover, our findings raise the possibility that although itself the lower insulin resistance in patients with higher adiponectin levels might be beneficial, even in kidney failure the condition related to uremic malnutrition marked by the lower serum albumin concentration may be more detrimental.

Furthermore, the uremic environment, despite the kidney failure-related hyperadiponectinemia, may overwhelm the protective effect of adiponectin against endothelial dysfunction and low PON1 activity.

These findings collectively may add to the understanding of the role that adiponectin plays in the chronic renal disease-related reverse epidemiology. In individuals with preserved kidney function and wide range of BMI, applying a combined model containing multiple adipose tissue derived humoral factors to investigate their collective effects on the insulin resistance, only serum leptin, and in lesser degree IL-6 and adiponectin were independent determinants of insulin resistance.

View Affiliations Affiliations: I. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. Zinc is known to modulate antiviral and antibacterial immunity and regulate inflammatory response. This effect may underlie therapeutic efficiency of chloroquine known to act as zinc ionophore.

Moreover, even together explain they only a minority of variance of it. Some of our observations related to resistin are also without antecedents in the literature.

Although we found no correlation between serum levels of resistin and insulin resistance, resistin was associated negatively with some features of metabolic syndrome, i. To the best of our knowledge, our experiment was the first report that investigated the relationship between resistin and PON1.

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Resistin showed a positive, although not independent correlation with serum PON1. Bajnok, I. Seres, Z. Varga, S. Jeges, A. Peti, Z. Karanyi, A. Juhasz, E. Csongradi, E. Mezosi, E. Nagy, G. Relationship of serum resistin level to traits of metabolic syndrome and serum paraoxonase 1 activity in a population with a broad range of body mass index.

Peti, B. Csiky, E. Guth, P. Kenyeres, Z. Varga, I. Jeney, M. Mezosi, G. Paragh, G. Kovacs, L. Associations of adiponectin with paraoxonase 1 and se-selectin in hemodialyzed patients.

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Juhasz, P. Seres, G. Kovacs, G. Paragh and L. Relationship of adipokines and non-esterified fatty acid to the insulin resistance in non-diabetic individuals. Impact factor: 1, Kenyeres, G. Az adiponektin, a se-szelektin, az oxidatív stressz és a metabolikus szindróma összefüggései hemodializáltakon.

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Bajnok, E. Csongradi, I. Diabetes obesity and metabolism impact factor of adiponectin to serum paraoxonase 1. Simon, T. Czömpöly, T. Berki, T. Minier, A. Peti, E. Tóth, L. Czirják, P. Naturally occurring and disease-associated auto-antibodies against topoisomerase I: a fine epitope mapping study in systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Corsatea, C. Corsatea, D. Hurubean, M.

Vulcu, J. Tributarys, like sources of pollution of the river Mures on Targu Mures Reghin sector. The first Congress of medical students and young MD. Egyed-Zsigmond, E. Kolozsvári, A. Domahidi, J. Farkas, O. Hala, S. Dragoi, M. Chele, B. Pelok, A. In vitro and in vivo effect of methol on cardiac and respiratory activity in experimental animals.

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The effect of photo-developing solution on the respiratory and cardiac activity of rats through oral administration. Evaluation of health status by questionnaire of the persons which are using photosensitive materials. The III. Congress of medical students and young MD. Domahidi: Evaluation of health status by questionnaire of the persons which are using photosensitive materials.

Nagy, E. Pandur, A. Szabó, G. Montskó, Z.